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January 29, 2010

About Me

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I’m a British migrant currently living in Sydney, Australia.

I love the outdoors and a few years ago spent three months trekking from Slovenia to Switzerland and then cycling for three months from Perth to Sydney via Albany, Esperance and the Nullabor

I haven’t done a great deal of cycling since.

Blessed with ‘geek’ tendencies (my take on it, anyway!), I’ve tons of half finished tools laying around I’ve developed over the years such as Visual Studio Addins, API Tracers, Testing tools, virtualization toolkits, sniffers, DSL Editors, hooking tools, code generators and so forth. Now I’ve access to VS2010, I’ll release these over the next year or so under the ‘BrekIT‘ label. If you like them: use them. If not: don’t :-)

Apart from hiking and cycling, and being geeky of course, I go through phases of enjoying photography, mostly when I’m in Africa.

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