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May 6, 2012

Pronto v1.5 Released (Productivity Tool for Automating MTM Test Cases)

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Pronto lets you create test stubs (including data binding and documentation) for your manual MTM Test Cases in C# or VB.Net by dragging those test cases onto your source file. You can then use Pronto’s Bulk Associated Automation Assistant to associate many of your test methods with your MTM test cases in one go. Uses might include: automating acceptance tests or creating Keyword/Action Word Frameworks. The application can be downloaded directly from Visual Studio Gallery here.

Changes to v1.5:

• All fragment generators are now freely editable T4 text files
• Create new generators and customize the fragments easily (docs and samples included)
• Fixed a few bugs

After downloading, Unblocking the file (right click -> Properties), installing the VSIX and restarting Visual Studio, ensure that the Pronto window is visible:

Assuming you already have a WorkItem query in Team Explorer that returns Test Cases, just Drag and Drop that query onto the Pronto window to get a list of Test Cases:

To create your method stubs and help with documentation, either Drag ‘n’ Drop or Right Click/Copy the Test Cases and Shared Steps and paste directly into your Unit Test:

Notice how the method stub, data binding parameters, test steps and title are all generated for you automatically (this is customizable).

After building your solution manually, open up the Bulk Associated Automation Assistant (the “Sheep” icon). It will discover your tests and correlate the MTM Test Case ID with the WorkItem Id on your test method:

Now you can optionally associate them all in one go without leaving VS2010.

This application has been tested on Visual Studio 2010 Professional (first release) and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (SP1, FP2, Rollups). Providing your process template integrates with MTM from a Test Automation perpsective – ie: supports ‘Associated Automation’, has an ‘Automated’ automation status and contains ‘Shared Steps’ and ‘Test Case’ template types, in theory, depending on the alignment of the stars, the phase of the moon and the direction of the wind, Pronto should just work.


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